Boone Coin & SilverWorks
Buy/Sell coins, silver, gold, precious metals
Member ANA, NCNA, SSDC (life member).

Licensed NC precious metals dealer.

We maintain an inventory of popularly collected US coins and paper money (currency).

Our inventory is dynamic, so we never know what me might have from day to day.



We are active and enthusiastic buyers and thank you for any opportunity to make an offer on your coins, paper money, or precious metals. 

Many ask us if we indeed buy scrap gold and silver, including silver flatware.  We do buy silver, and we pay very well.  If you have antique silver that might be worth more than "scrap" silver prices, give us a chance to have a look.  Unlike many dealers, we can pay a premium for premium silver when appropriate, not just "silver melt" values.

That said, we are not a "We Buy Gold" outfit.  We work by appointment and take our time with customers and their items.  If you need instant cash and do not have time to make an appointment, we will likely refer to other businesses that can assist you better.

Management of Coin Holdings

Much of our business is helping clients manage their rare coin, currency, and bullion assets to best suit their needs for the present and for the future.  We help these clients streamline their holdings and keep on top of current values and trends.  


We offer different levels of appraisal to suit each client's needs, ranging from a simple (and free) cursory review to a detailed, itemized, "signed" estimate of wholesale and retail value.  Click here for more details.

Buyer/Seller Representation

We also represent clients in helping to build collections or acquire specific pieces.  Additionally, we can assist in the sale of collections, especially highly specialized collections and pieces with a very specific market.