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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my coin worth?

This is the most common question coin dealers receive. There are many factors to the value of a coin, including denomination, date, mint mark, metal content, and condition. We will be happy to help as best we can, but we cannot give a firm appraisal of value on a coin (paper money, etc.) without seeing it in person, as even seemingly tiny variations in condition can make a very significant difference in value.

Do you work with estates?

Absolutely.  A significant proportion of our clients are executors of estates who are often unfamiliar with rare coins and simply need to know what they have and hear advice on how to sell or divide the collection.  We understand the pressure and, sometimes, hassle of contending with all of the paperwork, banks, accountants, attorneys, and "personalities" associated with closing an estate.  We will help you with your coins and currency and, if you wish, help you to communicate the information to the many "interested parties".


Do you just buy coins, or do you also buy gold and silver jewelry, flatware, etc?

Even though we are a coin shop, we are "Boone SilverWorks", and we enthusiastically buy sterling silver, coin silver, and silver in most forms.  If you have rare and collectible silver pieces, we can potentially pay greater than standard prices.

We are happy to buy scrap gold from clients at their request to provide the best customer service, and we pay well.  However, this is not our focus, and you will not hear us yelling and screaming "we buy gold!".

We encourage you to compare our offer to offers from other buyers. If we have done our job right, we will have the best offer and will have earned your business.


Why do you meet by appointment?

Two reasons… to help promote good customer service and security. 

Why did you not answer the phone?

We usually do not answer the phone when we are in an appointment, as we like to focus full attention on the person and items that are there at the time.  We will do the same for you during your appointment. 

Sometimes we are simply meeting with a client outside the shop/office and are not there to pick up the phone.

No problem, though.  We check our messages very frequently.  Just leave us a voicemail with your phone number, and we will call back as soon as we can.  We promise.

Can I just stop by your location whenever?

If we know you and/or have done business with you, we are certainly happy to say hello and receive you, if possible.  Unfortunately, we are often with other appointments, and in this case we politely have to ask that you come another time or set an appointment.  This is to help maintain security and confidentiality for the appointment that is occurring at the time.  We will of course grant you the same courtesy when you are with us, but, since you know us, you know this already.

If you are a new customer/client, we need to make an appointment for sure.  For some, this is out of the ordinary for a coin shop.  We understand.  We are collectors too and have been visiting traditional coin shops ourselves for decades.  However, we are confident that, once you try us and our format, we will immediately become one of your favorite coins shops.


What is your street address?

Boone, NC: Our coin shop is conveniently located in downtown Boone, but, since we meet with clients/customers by appointment, we prefer to communicate with them first. This allows us to make sure that we will not have overlapping appointments or that we are not engaged with another client if someone decides to casually stop by.

Winston-Salem, NC: Our Winston-Salem office is in an office building by the "Five Points" intersection, near the crossing of Stratford Road and Business 40.  We also meet with clients in Winston-Salem by appointment, so please contact us.

Making an appointment is easy. Just give us a call or send us an email.


Do you travel?

We often travel to see collections in many situations.  Please contact us so that we can discuss the specific circumstances.

Boone: (828) 355-9311

Winston-Salem: (336) 497-1886