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Estates - Coin Collection Appraisal
It is not uncommon to find yourself in need of knowing the value of a coin or paper money (currency) collection.  The most frequent reason, we have found, is that a client has inherited a coin collection or is acting as executor of an estate and simply needs some help valuating and selling/dividing the collection. 

Settling an estate is an arduous and, for the executor, often a thankless endeavor.  We understand, and we can help with the coins and currency.  In the end, the process usually ends up being one of the more enjoyable and nostalgic for the individuals involved.

Regardless of the reasons for an appraisal, we are committed to providing our coin appraisal clients with friendly, professional, and efficient service.

If you just have questions about a small number of coins and can come by our Boone shop or Winston-Salem office, please contact us to set a time, and we can usually evaluate your coins for free.

And, yes, we can travel! 

Boone: (828) 355-9311

Winston-Salem: (336) 497-1886